Westward Expansion

The mountains of Montana are an alluring place to live during every season, and for one Big Sky family, settling down into this permanent residence was a dream come true. Western Expansion was designed to comfortably accommodate a lively family of six with wide open rooms, vaulted ceilings and large windows.

The home embodies the quintessential mountain lifestyle as a ski-in, ski-out property. A spacious ski room features carefully considered details including heated concrete floors, reclaimed wooden lockers and ample bench seating.

Here, the strong, clean lines of the architecture and the pure simplicity of the furnishings accentuate the drama of the Rockies. Nothing distracts from the commanding views. Local stone and reclaimed wood firmly ground the home in the region’s vernacular while exposed steel beams and industrial finishes elevate its mountain style. Throughout, the home is a marriage of modern and rustic design.

In celebration of the family’s youthful energy, we curated a series of whimsical wildlife and western paintings. This contemporary collection lightens the mood of a poised and elegant home.

Westward, ever westward.

Henry Wells