Still Life

This high-rise residence masters the art of seclusion. Soothing tones and textures heighten the views of the Atlanta skyline.

Stepping off the lift, the sense of arrival is profound. The entry makes a grand first impression with a bespoke cabinet, bronze mirror and vintage Italian sculpture. Guests are received with sophistication and warmth.

The environment easily transitions from family retreats to professional soirees. Furnishings are arranged to facilitate social and solitary occasions. A vintage horn arm chair from the owner’s personal collection distinguishes the main room.

The quality of materials directly shapes the quality of living. Bronze, quartz, leather, mohair and wood deepen the character of environment. The study makes business a pleasurable affair.

The interplay of vibrant and neutral tones is invigorating. Classic grays balance modern reds and floral pinks for a refreshing dining experience. The atmosphere is pure and uncluttered. Every element is orchestrated to celebrate the views of the cityscape below.

The master bedroom is a haven for the travel weary. It’s essence is restorative. The fabrics, tones and textures invoke a restful spirit. The room instills a sense of peace that lingers long after the day begins.

A portrait of an iconic New York building honors the family’s Northern roots.

I want to rest. I want to breathe
quietly again.

Tennessee Williams