Royal Oaks

Inspired by Art Deco architecture, Royal Oaks reimagines the classic Swiss shingle-style home as a modern family dwelling in the heart of the American South.

The home’s dark, curving facade mirrors the natural contour of the land, and a dramatic arched front entry opens to hewn white oak interiors, creating the illusion of walking into a sculpture. Inside the foyer, the artful pairing of historic and modern pieces, notably an 18th century Italian cabinet and abstract bronze bowl, adds layers of sophistication.

A soothing rhythm of light, dark and neutral tones create a comfortable setting for social gatherings and weekend experiences on the lake.

Refined millwork forms a rich, dimensional background with carved diagonals, diamonds and chevrons overlapping in ascending and descending patterns. The rhythmic, staccato decoration enhances and delineates the spaces.

Cozy yet chic, a porch filled with light and depth, gracefully connects to the pool and lake for endless hours of entertaining.

Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.