River’s Edge

Nestled along the bank of the Beaverhead River in Montana, a hunting lodge serves as a welcome getaway for friends and family who share a passion for good food and fellowship. At River’s Edge, stewardship is more than an ideal — it is a way of life.

The natural world is the singular focus of this western retreat. There is a deep connection between the interior environment and the surrounding landscape as evidenced by the dedicated use of wood and stone throughout the home. The interiors offer both protection and immersion in the elements. As a seasonal residence of a devoted hunter, the home is centered around shared experiences at the table, in the kitchen or by the fire.

The rustic setting is made for long, warm evenings where stories about the day’s adventures may unfold with ease.

Portraits of wildlife make appearances throughout the home as if they were occupying their own native habitat. The rugged spirit of the west comes alive with a manly mixture of raw materials and rich leathers in the rooms.

All sense of time is suspended in the deep quiet of the woods. The hunting haven offers an invitation to experience life in accordance with the natural world.

My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long.

Buffalo Bill