Rancho Sabino Grande

Hidden in the Texas Hill Country, where the Sabinal River cuts through ancient cypress forests and where long grassy plains meet dramatic limestone hills, there is an expansive ranch inspired by the natural landscape and the adventurous lifestyle of the owner.

At Rancho Sabino Grande, crossing the threshold feels like entering another world. The foyer is enveloped with solid gunstock walnut paneling and trimmed with Italian marble baseboard. Guests are greeted with a distinguished Italian Renaissance octagonal table, and its fine companion, a large Heiner Belzer studio vase. Mosaic flooring, crafted with ancient Roman architectural stone and precious Egyptian Porphyry stone, adds a breathtaking element of detail.

The curated furnishings and art create a naturally layered feel of a collection that was generations in the making.

An etched bronze and petrified wood cocktail table by Willy Daro anchors the living room. Imperial Japanese Navy observation binoculars occupy the window for a commanding view of the beautiful surroundings. In the corner, the fossilized leg bone of a juvenile sauropod evokes the mystery and romance of the Mesozoic Era.

The owner’s quest to include items of meaning and historical significance is evident in the archeological and stone details throughout the home.

The dining room is warm, welcoming and centered around a custom dining table crafted from solid claro walnut. A historic lithotheca and dramatic quartz specimen add elements of intrigue and spark compelling conversation.

The lounge, hall and library are spaces of thoughtful reflection. In the lounge, a commissioned mural depicts the life and adventures of the owner while the hall is home to a very special George Nakashima cabinet and the vaulted two-story library is wrapped in warm-toned walls made of thousand-year-old sinker cypress.

At every turn, there is a clear and evocative balance of natural and handcrafted elements. Each space is defined by soulful architecture and sophisticated interiors.

The wine room is the embodiment of rustic elegance. The Gio Ponti vintage Italian tasting table sits at the center of a gravel field surrounded by Palazzo limestone slabs. A carved stone basin serves the dual purpose of functionality and artistic expression.

This pure canvas creates a welcoming balance where the beauty of terrain and interiors can truly be absorbed and appreciated.

Rich textural touches of velvet, cashmere and mohair create soft and soothing surroundings in the master retreat. Private his and her sanctuaries strike a bold and harmonious balance between masculine and feminine elegance. The luxurious splendor of her bath and dressing parlor plays in perfect accord with his warm and refined bath, wardrobe chamber and work space.

The home environment is grounded with native materials and elevated with international style.

Spanish, Italian and African influences, rich Texas history and natural elements of the property such as limestone, clay, cypress, oak, cedar and walnut serve as inspiration to the design execution. Over 20 different types of stone were used to create dramatic and unique visual experiences throughout this remarkable ranch.

This is a world unto itself where a life full of vibrant adventure is evident and where anything and everything seems possible.

Rancho Sabino Grande spans thousands of acres in the Hill Country of Texas. Long, wild stretches of land and commanding views are reminiscent of the Serengeti. Much of the land serves as a protected sanctuary for exotic African game, including a variety of near extinct species. The 20,000 square foot home overlooks the valley where the herds roam freely.

Remember that the big things lie in passion and in passionate expression.

Jack London