Mountain Hideaway

Every year, fresh powder blankets the Rocky Mountains of Montana, and families retreat to the area’s exclusive Yellowstone Club. Nestled atop a steep hillside property, Mountain Hideaway embraces an authentic and beautiful balance between industrial and rustic design.

The home is a soulful expression of a cultured family. Treasures collected from their world travels are subtly incorporated. In the kitchen, a dish rack discovered in a Paris flea market is repurposed and mounted on the wall. Every room quietly echoes with personal memories. The dining area functions as an intimate alcove where stories from the day are shared.

The environment articulates the family’s passion for the outdoors with the use of reclaimed wood and stone. A nature-inspired color palette and organic materials yield warmth and authenticity. As an homage to the area’s storied past, we wove industrial details into the great room.

The insistent demands of the modern world fall quiet here. This high altitude getaway maintains a warm disposition year round.

Our peace shall stand firm
as rocky mountains.

William Shakespeare