Into the Hills

Into the Hills is a remote refuge in Big Sky, Montana, miles from the nearest neighbor and only accessible a few months of the year. The surrounding landscape remains virtually untouched by the passage of time.

The home’s style is deeply tied to the land. Familiar motifs – reclaimed wood walls and indigenous stone accents – are refreshed with honed marble, rich fabrics and antiques carefully selected in Europe. The ornate detailing of an old iron chandelier from Spain contrasts with the clean structure of custom sofas and vintage Navajo rugs adorn the hallways and living areas.

Thoughtful spaces of varying sizes find perfect balance here. Quiet nooks coax family members to seek solace while a great room provides ample space to come together.

The rooms vividly express the spirit
of Montana living. Beauty is in the
home’s authenticity.

I went to the woods because I wished
to live deliberately.

Henry David Thoreau