Hideout Ridge

The spirit of Montana’s Rocky Mountains echoes its song through Firehole Ranch. A showplace for an avid hunter, this sweeping vista is tucked away in The Yellowstone Club, a wellspring of outdoor adventure.

Guest quarters in the cabin and “party barn” are an entertaining and cozy companion to a modern main house that will reside nearby on the property. Exotic hunting trophies, from travels around the world, are displayed throughout.

Here, friends and kinsmen meet. Good times are shared in a saloon-style great room and memories are made over billiards. Laughter reverberates from rough-hewn walls.

Guests at Firehole Ranch are eased into a comfortable pause from everyday life. From majestic hikes in the summer to world-class skiing in cooler months, the promise of this place of respite carries travelers through each day.

Rich timber and historic references elevate the design and atmosphere of the mountain lodge, creating a comfortably aged vintage character.

The family’s passion for sporting comes to life in the gun and gear room, where polished wood enhances the artful display of a curated firearm collection. Every touch, from small to grand details, reflects a love of the outdoors that will be passed down for generations.

Expansive mountain views meet a warm cabin, melding together beautifully with genuine designs and local materials.

Rustic themes are interlaced with reclaimed materials and industrial accents, authentic to the area’s unique heritage. Art featuring wild game, rugged landscapes and the native people of Montana pairs easily with a natural color palette.

The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson