We create the true essence of environments through shape and form. The spaces we design are harmonic — the architecture and interiors dovetail beautifully.

Art transforms life within a space. It is a beautiful expression of one’s unique personality and point of view. The entire presence of a room comes alive when the art resonates with the person living there.

The beauty of a space is not contained in a single object or emotion. It makes us feel an ensemble of things from joy to peace.

We believe elegance is the absence of distraction. Our designs place emphasis on the space in its entirety rather than a single focal point.

Peace Design used soothingly finished furnishings to complement the rugged setting.

— Veranda

From his Southern roots to his westward expansion, designer William Peace seeks projects, people and places that reflect his commitment to authenticity.

— Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Peace Design’s welcoming rooms, though appropriately lodge like, exude an understated elegance mercifully bereft of prairie kitsch-the ubiquitous, custom-crafted, trout-fishing consoles found in so many western getaways.

— Architectural Digest