Design Details


June 24, 2020

Summer is calling and her siren is strong after months of captivity of working from home. We crave fresh air, sunshine, and space – whether at the coast or the mountains. Some will seek adventure; others will recline and rest. When we designed this outdoor living area for clients in Florida, the sound of the Intracoastal Waterway melds with the pool for a relaxing refrain. From the master bedroom, the water provides a peaceful view. Irrespective of what’s right for you, Peace Design hopes your escape provides rest for the body and the soul.

Artful Elegance

July 24, 2019

Peace Design considers art to be one of the most important elements in a room. Although it’s typically the last item to be added into the space, it’s one of the most impactful and personal design elements. At Peace Design, we give great attention to the art: genre, medium, size, scale, proportion to the other elements in the room, and aesthetic statement. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that the art speaks not only to the room, but to the owners. Art adds depth and character to a room, but mostly, it adds soul. At Peace Design, we create elegant spaces with substance and style. Artful elegance is not just a catchphrase at Peace Design; rather, it’s our goal and endgame.

Tooled Leather Walls in Jackson Hole

June 26, 2019

It’s not often that one gets to apply hand tooled leather to the walls, but when one does, the impact is terrific. A powder room might be small; lighting might be limited; and fittings may consume most of the space. However, the power of pattern and patina in tooled leather is unmistakable in quality, design, and depth. This project in Jackson Hole has been featured on the covers of Western Art & Architecture and Big Sky Journal, as well as in Atlanta HOME Magazine. From the soaring great room to this tiny powder room, quality and texture abound – especially in this Jackson Hole jewel box.

The Art of the Entry

June 12, 2019

Whether or not a house has a proper foyer, it’s always important to have an entrance to the home. Regardless of size, one should feel welcome, and there should be a visual point to rest as well as a place to put the keys. Texture and color play crucial roles when working with small spaces. Wall coverings, art, furniture, and lighting can be bold or subtle, large or small; however, they must be impactful and defining. At Peace Design, we define and curate spaces so that your home speaks volumes about you – from the entry.

Iconic Images

May 29, 2019

At Peace Design, we believe in celebrating and honoring the place, and the history of the place. Whether cosmopolitan or rustic, urban or mountain, we incorporate elements of the place into each home. Often a home does not need much decoration; rather, a few iconic images are more than enough to transcend the history of the place and create relevant and meaningful moments in the design of a home. At Peace Design, we believe in iconic images, and prominent placement of those objects and images to celebrate and honor the place of each home.

The Refuge of Home

May 1, 2019

At Peace Design, we believe that a home should be a refuge – a place of relaxation and comfort, whether filled with family and friends or enjoying the silence alone. Either way, a home must have certain elements that include great natural light, good flow, and a pleasing aesthetic. We create sleek modern homes, rustic mountain homes, and cosmopolitan pied-a-terres for our clients, but regardless of design direction, we fill the homes luxurious fabrics, indigenous stone and wood, and a curated collection of objects that both reflect and inspire the owner. At Peace Design, we believe that no matter how far you travel and wander, you should always be most fulfilled at home.

The Mountain West Kitchen

April 17, 2019

State-of-the-art kitchens are required in today’s mountain West interiors; however, they require a delicate balance of materials and technology in order to achieve an interior that delivers a superb cooking space with aesthetics appropriate to the area. Indigenous materials – including woods and stone – combined with clean lines create modern interiors that function well, yet yield a warmth that harkens to the rustic feeling of the mountains. Appliances, whether in view or hidden, must be the most recent whereas lighting can be modern or vintage. In total, mountain West kitchens must appear to be authentic, but must function as though installed today. It’s a tall order to make these kitchens look simple, but it’s what Peace Design delivers.

Sophisticated Sculpture

April 3, 2019

Modern has many meanings, but one of the most elegantly modern rooms is one that includes contemporary sculpture. The forms with fluid lines are anything but simple; instead they are complex and provide interest in the room. This living room overlooking the vast vistas of the city is a mixture of soft upholstery in luxurious fabrics with iconic pieces as accents, and several sculptural forms that break up the lines and infuse the room with texture. Peace Design is focused on the fusion of modern into elegant living areas, and this project remains a favorite.

Modern Meets Cosmopolitan

March 14, 2019

Texture and form collide in beautiful finishes and furnishings in Peace Design projects. Luxurious fabrics such as mohair, velvet, linen, and silk meld with wood, steel, and stone for highly textural spaces that are both interesting and inviting. Pops of tangerine and chrome in this penthouse den infuse energy into this captivating space. The high-end finishes mix with organic elements while bold orange tones are balanced by the cool gray walls. This room proves that sophisticated textures and refined forms create soothing environments regardless of size or function. At Peace Design, modern meets cosmopolitan.