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How We Work

Interior Design Process

We believe the way a room feels is equally as important as the way it looks. Throughout the design process, we invite our clients to experience the materials — the softness of a fabric, the plushness of a rug, and the texture of a wall covering. These nuances artfully contribute to the overall expression and resonance of a room.

Peace Design interiors are often layered with meaningful objects curated from our clients’ family collections. We encourage people to discover what inspires them and to pursue special objects of interest in their travels. These belongings effortlessly deepen the personal character of a home.

Our interiors are contextual — true to people and to their environment. We are known to gather inspiration from a home’s natural surroundings, honoring the local vernacular with an edited choice of materials. The environments we create embody a spirit of authenticity, purity and reflection.  We believe creating harmony within an interior is the greatest form of craftsmanship.