A World Above

The cosmopolitan landscape fades into the distance as one takes in the tranquil interior design of a World Above. This sanctuary is a true reflection of a well-travelled collector. Ancient and modern elements effortlessly mingle in the space.

The mixing of styles and time periods is fluid . The clean lines of the sofa and chaise gently contrast with textured materials. The palette, the fabrics and the finishes work in unison.

The living room design was composed with a Brazilian cocktail table in the center. Hand-carved from Pequi hardwood, the piece is deeply rooted in the past. The table’s substantial presence is accentuated by a modern sculptural chandelier that gracefully suspends from a high ceiling. A centuries-old chest from Asia sits quietly beneath the contemporary Hummingbird Dress painting, demonstrating a delicate balance of old and new.

European salon seating draws the gaze to a rare collection of paintings. The art was curated and layered with objects acquired in world travels. Every seat in the house enjoys a beautiful viewpoint of its own.

Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers

Pat Conroy