The Inspiration of the Western Landscape

Bill recently sat down with Western Home Journal to discuss, among other things, Rocky Mountain interior design. He reflected “Design in the American West didn’t originate in a vacuum; it evolved over hundreds of years with disparate influences. Native Americans knew the raw materials of the land and the power of nature. Their wisdom and world view influence how things are in harmony with the land. Europeans via the East Coast arrived as explorers and homesteaders, bringing their own influences of building techniques. As a designer, how do I mix the elements that honor the diverse cultures of the West? The combinations are endless and we start with the location and the client’s vision.”

Our north star is always creating spaces that reflect the client’s personality and lifestyle. At the end of the day, it’s not really what the room looks like, it’s how it feels and how comfortable you are living there.  We see inspiration all around us – particularly in the western landscape. The challenge is honoring that, while also creating harmony within for the client.

We encourage you to read the full article here.